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Selling Property

Whether you want to restructure your finances, relocate to a new area or simply better manage your assets, you property can make a major difference. It is often better to get professionals in to ensure all legal aspects are covered. Seeing as home owners don’t sell every day, forgetting something important is easy. Let Senator take care of your property sale to ensure a smooth transaction.

Formation of Trusts and Companies

The process of registering Companies and Trusts can be long and cumbersome with many areas open for mistakes. This is why you need to hire a professional to handle the process for you. We have dedicated consultants at Senator Group who will take care of everything for you. Allow our consultants to guide you through the entire registration process from start to finish with no errors or delays.

Registration of Bonds

Bonds provide you with a boost of external funds to finance long-term investments. We form bonds as a debt security for our clients. In the event you take out a bond, the bond borrower (debtor) will owe the lender (creditor) a set amount of money. We will put together a bond plan to suit both your needs and budget with minimal effort required from your side. Allow us to help you gain the extra funds you need in order to make your dream come true financially.

Voluntary Surrender of Estates

With this service, we can reduce our clients’ monthly repayment to at least R2000 per month. You would now owe 22c to the rand. So, if you have a lot of debt, this monthly instalment might be higher, in accordance with this rule. For instance, if an individual has debt of around R300 000, the instalment will be approximately R2 500 per month for the period of 23 months. All of this said, Senator will work out a proper payment plan according to your circumstances and only then will they be able to provide accurate figures. What makes this entire structure efficient for over-indebted individuals is that the monthly instalment remains static for the duration of the process, and once the process had been completed, and all instalments honoured, they are free from all debt. This service is your best fit, whether you are currently under debt counselling or just about to apply for a debt-relief service.


A will is one of the most important documents that you can ever execute during your life; irrespective of age, marital status, occupation or the value of your estate. Through your will an executor of your choice will be appointed and instructed exactly how to deal with your assets after death.According to your instructions, assets will be distributed to or preserved for specific heirs. Should you die without a valid will, the rigid rules of the Law of Intestate Succession automatically come into effect upon your death and specify on your behalf, how your assets will be distributed. These universal rules of the Law of Intestate Succession do not represent your wishes and do not take notice of any specific circumstances that may be of importance to your family. Neither does it provide for the maintenance or any specific needs of your dependents. Simply put, if you don’t have a valid will in place, you leave the most important decisions post your passing in someone else’s hands.

Administration of Estates

Administering an estate or trust is a massive task that can cause a lot of confusion and headaches. A seemingly endless array of tax returns is sure to haunt you during the process along with its own set of deadlines. You will have several other estate-related deadlines too, so your organisational skills and patience should be exceptional. We are all just human however, so chances that we survive this process without sleepless nights are scarce. At Senator Group, we know the entire process, off by heart. If you need assistance with this service, be sure to trust in us. We take care of the hassle while you focus on the more important things

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