Valentine’s Day date ideas on a budget

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Some time in history someone invented an official day dedicated to all things love. However, along the line this special day has become so commercialised, forcing people to spend hundreds of rands in order to impress their significant other. We have forgotten the true meaning of Valentine’s Day – to express your love.

Here are some fun inexpensive date ideas to try this February.

Light some candles at home

You certainly do not have to go to a fancy restaurant to show your significant other than you love him/her. Sometimes, a home cooked meal can mean the world to someone. Cut the canapés and get some ingredients to make the main meal.

For dessert, have your date make his or her own truffles with an easy recipe that only requires a slab of Cadbury and some cream. The main point is that you both spend the time in one another’s company. Why not rent a DVD and treat your partner to a massage afterwards?

Hold your own romantic scavenger hunt at home

Perhaps the only things required are around three roses to decorate the path, a couple of chocolates or heart candy, some love notes and good intentions. This can all cost you as little as R100 depending on how you want to do it.

Hide the candy in different spots for your special love to find with clues and love notes to guide them along the way.

Go on the hunt for public picnic and braai areas with free entry

If you know where to look, you can find parks and areas around town with no entry fee. Then you only need to dish out a little money on the food and beverages. Here follows a couple of places you can consider for a date.

Florida Lake, Roodepoort.

This venue offers a massive pool and bird sanctuary and stays open every day from sunrise to sunset. Enjoy a picnic or braai on the lake shore.

Golden Harvest Park, Randburg.

Unwind in the picturesque views of Golden Harvest Park. It is the perfect location to spend the day with your family or alone with your loved one. Go for long walks through the bushveld. A very romantic and affordable option.

Emmarentia Dam, Roosevelt Park.

Have a picnic among charming statues, fountains and ponds. This is also an ideal summer retreat with balmy evenings, perfect for a night under the stars. Don’t forget the chocolate covered strawberries.

Share one of those massive chocolate Sundaes at a restaurant

Upon ordering it, few of us ever manage to finish the whole Sundae without it going to waste. Order one and share it with your love. You don’t necessarily have to go with ice cream, order a pizza or milkshake, the main point is to order only one thing. Sharing is caring.

Put on some romantic music and dance in the living room

A special moment forms when two people just close their eyes and dance. Don’t be shy, turn down the lights and dance to your every favourite song. The proximity and love in that moment is priceless.

Enjoy the true meaning of Valentine’s Day with Senator and save. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more money saving tips and join the conversation.

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