Sure signs that it is time for a career change

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In many cases, employees don’t entirely love their jobs. Unless you follow the career path you were specifically passionate about, it is quite normal for you to not enjoy all aspects of your current job.

Believe it or not, however, there are legitimate signs that indicate that you might need to relook your current career choice.

Here are some sure signs that it’s time for a career change.

  1. You’ve hit the ceiling

If you are occupying the most senior position in your department with no further opportunity for growth other than when your boss decides to resign or retire, then it’s probably time to go. This is not always an indication that you should pack up and go.  For instance, if you have chosen to remain in a certain position with a certain company for the rest of your working life, then you are settled. If it’s not by choice, however, what’s next? Are you willing to live on that salary and workload for the rest of your working life?

  1. You hate the idea of going to work the next day

The key to excelling in your career is passion. As soon as that passion is missing, you are on your way to nowhere. Ask yourself where the problem lies, be it with you, a fellow employee or your employer and address the issue. You might not have to make a career shift, but will definitely benefit from finding a new job (should the problem lie with co-workers or your employer).

  1. Your salary doesn’t offer you a reasonable living

This is especially applicable in cases where you offer some form of expertise such as a degree. If you are struggling to get through a month without stressing about finances and you keep to a tight budget, then it should sound warning bells. Look up what your industry average salary is and how your salary matches up. If it’s far off, it’s either time to talk to your employer or find a better employer. If it does match up, it might be time to start considering a different career. Talking of which, if debt is the reason for your financial struggles then you should consider contacting Senator Counsellors for effective debt relief.

  1. You procrastinate more than what you work

Once boredom settles in, the game might be over. While there are many ways in which you can first improve your own productivity or interest in the work you do, in some cases this would mean you have lost interest in your duties. Seeing as you performing those duties is the main benefit to the company, your boredom can become a massive issue. Looking for another job within the same industry might not always get you interested again, so, it might be time to move on.

In all cases, always first look at yourself and what you are doing wrong before pointing fingers. If you are on the right track, stay there and move into a new career.

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