The most shocking and strangest things ever sold on the internet

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Selling stuff online is a fantastic way to get some extra money yet some people take it to an entire new level. While we might sell an old couch or outdated playstation, other people sell anything from Justin Timberlake’s presumed half eaten french toast to ghosts in jars. Let’s take you on a weird and uniquely wonderful journey of the strangest things ever sold online.

A Serial Killer’s Fingernails

In 1979, two serial killers, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, rode through Southern California on a killing spree that resulted in at least 5 victims. Someone sold the serial killer’s fingernails online.

Jon Malipieman – Imaginary friend

We all get to a stage where we just don’t need the company of imaginary friends anymore. Well, one guy decided he’d make a quick buck by selling his imaginary friend, Jon Malipieman, online.

A bit of cereal

We’ve heard of many people discovering faces etched on their food. Chris Doyle, sold a piece of Kellog’s breakfast cereal nutrigrain for $1 035 AUD. Why? It had an uncanny resemblance to the character, E.T from Steven Spielberg’s movie.

Britney Spears’ chewed gum

Someone picked up Britney’s gum at a London Hotel and decided to sell it on EBay. Someone believed it true and bought the piece of gum for $263.

UFO Detector

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there but this one might just top the list with regards to money. A Brazillian company claimed to have invented the first ever UFO detector. It sold at $135.03. Whether the thing works or whether someone actually captured UFOs remains an X Files worthy mystery.

Zombie Survival Kit

What do you do in the event of an Apocalypse? You just hope you bought yourself this Zombie Survial kit. Gerber sold kits at $350 each.

A liver

You know what they say, desperate times… Although someone kept him from actually selling his liver online since it was illegal, the bid reached a whopping $5 million dollars.

Wolf urine

Spring is here and with it comes a host of critters and mosquitoes. Why not ward it off with a bottle of Wolf urine? Apparently it’s supposed to ward of creepy critters.

A right to name a baby

Stuck on a name for your baby? Why not sell the rights to name your baby online like Melissa Heuschkel did? The online casino, was the winning bidder of the honour. They paid a whopping $15 000 to name the child “Surprise”! Well hey, the child could’ve been named “Blackjack” or “Poker”.

The Moon

Now don’t get excited, someone didn’t sell the entire moon, just a small acre of it. The New York based Lunar Registry sells acres of the moon at $32 per acre.

While there are countless other strange things sold online, the question remains, who has the money to waste on these things? We understand you certainly don’t have any money to waste. If you are over R80 000 in debt, we can help with that. Sign up here  and let’s get you on the road to debt freedom.

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