How to save money on petrol while driving

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The petrol price saw some surprising and welcome drops in the price lately, however, it still remains a major income burner. Some of you might be stuck in traffic idling out hundreds every morning and with that realisation the price drop comes as little compensation.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favourite tips to help you save fuel when driving.

Drive less

Well, while it comes as obvious, you’d be surprised at how many trips you waste throughout a month. Now, we aren’t saying you should stop going to work every morning, just limit your number of extra trips. For example, go grocery shopping once a week or once every second week without driving every other day.

 Fill up your tank early in the morning

Now that summer is basically here you should consider filling up before going to work. This is because petrol is cooler and denser in the early morning. As the day gets hotter, the gas density falls and you get less when you fill up.

Slow down

It’s a common notion that driving faster will take less petrol, this is false. The faster you drive the more petrol you use. Drive smoothly and below the speed limit to stretch your petrol as you drive.

Keep your tires in good condition

Worn out tires waste petrol. Properly inflated tires offer better petrol mileage. Be sure to check your psi regularly, especially during seasons when the weather tend to shift quickly.

Turn off the A/C

We know this is difficult to hear, especially now that the days are heating up, but you have to avoid using your aircon as much as possible. These contraptions which provide such blissful coolness on a warm summer’s day, really eats your petrol.

Choose your route wisely

You might be driving the long route to work this whole time while everyone else takes secret shortcuts to the office. Don’t wait for co-workers to divulge their secrets. Do some research and choose the shortest route to work, school and the mall.


What’s the point of having 8 cars on the road with one driver each going to the same building? Why not reduce that to 4 cars and set up a carpooling schedule? Not only is it environmentally friendly, you and your co-workers will save buckets of money if everyone chips in.

Download FillApp on your phone

FillApp gives you notifications when the price of fuel changes, monitors every fuel type with predictions, shows you when the best time is to fill up and saves you money. Click here  to download this smart app now.

Do you have interesting methods of saving petrol? Join the conversation and share your ideas with us!



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