Ridiculous stuff you can buy with 25 million Dollars

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What would you buy if you had $25 million? Probably a house, cars, a business, stuff that made sense, right?Just think for a moment, what single thing can you buy with $25 million? Let’s take you into a fantasy for a bit and allow us to show you ridiculous stuff $25 million can buy around the world.

The Magna Carta

The Magna Carta, which means ‘The Great Charter’, was originally issues by King John of England (r. 1199-1216) as a solutino to the political crisis he faced. The Magna Carta basically established for the first time that everybody, even the king, was subject to the law. Anyway, this impressive document was sold for $21.3 million.

12 180 million-year-old bathtubs

Maybe your current bathtub doesn’t quite fit in with your bathroom decor. Perhaps a 180-million-year-old bathtub would fit in better. If you had $25 million to waste, you could buy 12 of these bathtubs as they go for $1.7 million each.

1 000 Bottles of 100-year-old French Champagne from a Sunken Ship: Heidsieck Monopole 1907

Do you love champagne? What about really really really old champagne? Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style this year with 1 000 bottles of 100-year-old French Champagne. In the late 90’s, an underwater search party uncovered a 100-year-old-shipwreck containing 2 000 bottles of this champagne.

Twenty Five Parking spots in Manhattan

No kidding! You can really just buy 25 parking spots in Manhattan meaning 1 parking space would cost you $1 million. Let’s just hope your diamond encrusted Bently is safe in that parking spot. 😉

Two Dozen Orca Whales

Do you own an aquarium that can fit 2 dozen orca whales? Perhaps one? If you have $1 million you can buy yourself at least 1 orca whale but we’re just saying, that whale is going to be lonely.

Twelve hours with Kristen Stewart

If you’ve ever dreamed of having some one on one time with Bella Swan, you could buy yourself 12 hours’ worth with $25 million. Is her time for sale though? Well, a Middle Eastern prince offered Kristen Stewart $500 000 for a 15 minute chat.

1 700 Diamond encrusted Tea Bags

We see that tear in your eye and yes people can actually purchase diamond encrusted tea bags at $14 000 per tea bag.

A Renaissance Villa overlooking Florence, Italy

Now we’re talking. This is something we’d spend our $25 million on. With 15 acres of country side and a private vineyard, you could definitely retire there.

A Space Station Toilet

Perhaps you’re a fan of Space or you’d just like to take your next wee somewhere epic, like an international space station toilet, either way it’s going to cost you $19 million. At least you’ll have spare change to buy a roll of golden toilet paper. Don’t get us started on the golden toilet paper.

Save up and clone yourself

Getting a bit lonely? Forbes estimated that it could cost $1. 7 million to clone a human being. Heck why not make it a party and clone yourself 6 or so times?

25 000 kg of the world’s most expensive coffee

Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee as it sells at about $1 000 per kilogram. You might have heard of this controversial coffee once. It’s made from the poo of an Asian palm civit. It tastes fabulous, we promise you.

Tell us, what would you buy with $25 million? Share your dreams with us.


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