How Voluntary Surrender of Estate will affect my financed house and car

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A dangerous assumption to make is that, once you are approved for Voluntary Surrender of Estate, you will lose your financed house or car immediately.

Senator Counsellors has a unique business model with which we can assist clients to keep their assets. Senator has extensive legal knowledge which they use to save their clients from unfair treatment by their creditors.

They are also known for the aggressive approach they take when it comes to banks and other financial institutions that try and manipulate or intimidate their clients.

Senator has had major success when it comes to protecting their clients’ assets. Many clients have been able to drive their financed cars for years after the initiation of the process and many more have had the privilege of keeping their homes for prolonged periods.

With cases such as these, however, there is always risk of repossession. In such situations, Senator is devoted to act in their clients’ best interest and react to the situation accordingly.

One thing Senator clients can be assured of though, is that should that risk exist, the client will know about it and all attempts will be made to ensure the client’s comfort during the process.

This stance is, however, unique to Senator, and does not come as a benefit of Voluntary Surrender of Estate in general.

So, before you decide to apply for services such as these, get in touch so that we can discuss your options as well as each option’s pros and cons.


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