How to cope with retrenchment

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It’s the one thing we all dread when the economy goes on its roller coaster ride; being paid off.

In South Africa, however, this is a harsh reality some have to face. If it happened to you, it is very unfortunate, but hardly the end of the road.

Though it’s easy to fall into depression and give up on any chances of being employed again within the near future, there are several ways to deal with this situation.

Here is how you can cope with retrenchment.

  1. Allow reality to settle in and come to terms with it

Let out all anger you might feel towards your former employer and the grief you feel as a result of the situation. Allow yourself to feel these emotions, but as soon as you start feeling better, understand that it happened to make way for a new chapter in your life. Accept that you had been retrenched and that it is time to move on with your life.

  1. Embrace your new direction

If you have been paid off, you will have some money to last you for some time. Find comfort in the fact that you can sustain yourself, but don’t become too comfortable that you end up becoming stagnant. Go back to the drawing board and consider your options. What do you want to do for a living, where do you want to work, where do you want to be in the next several years? These are all questions you should start asking yourself. Formulate some new goals.

  1. Act

Actively start pursuing your new goals by updating your CV, applying for jobs that fall in line with your new goals and attending interviews. Sooner or later, if you keep a positive mindset and believe in your abilities to be a valuable asset to any organisation in your chosen industry, you will find your match; even if it’s just a foot in the door for now.

Elements to eliminate during retrenchment

  1. Overspending

Use the money you have to your name to survive, rather than going on a spending spree. You need to remain calm while looking for your next job.

  1. Bad debt

Nothing is worse than adding a dash of rotten debt to the mix of unfortunate circumstances. Contact Senator Counsellors for debt relief that is aimed at getting  you debt free permanently if you have bad debt.

  1. Sulking

Retrenchment is bad, but don’t sulk about it. Take a brief time to let out all negative emotions but then shift your mindset and move on.

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