5 Holiday ideas that won’t break the bank

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So, it’s the festive season and we would all like to go somewhere nice with the family and relax before returning to the hard knock life. Let’s face it, going away on vacation is expensive and we often don’t get the chance to save up throughout the year. That doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea all together. Here are 5 holiday ideas that will save you money.

Go camping or fishing

Many families flock to camping sites due to the fact that it provides inexpensive accommodation. Put up a tent and bring your family closer to nature and one another. You can have a braai, teach your girlfriend how to fish and kids can swim in the local pool.

If you do not have any camping equipment or you couldn’t convince your wife that camping is a good idea, don’t fret. Many camping sites have inexpensive guest chalets with bathrooms and sleeping space for all.

Who said you had to pay for everything?

Do you have a big family or friend circle? Bring a big group of people together and have everyone chip in for the holiday. This may take a couple of months’ arrangement ahead of time. Rent big chalets that can take up to eight people (sometimes more) and we promise you, your wallet won’t even feel it. This is an excellent way to reconnect with old friends or family scattered across the country.

Go deal hunting

The internet is riddled with holiday specials if you just know where to look. Sign up to receive a travel agency’s latest specials or simply do a Google search on vacation specials. Trivago is an excellent site to dig up special rates on hotels. Just make sure you book your spot well in advance because naturally you won’t be the only one on the prowl for specials.

Don’t take your holiday during peak season

Peak season are those times such as December or July where the whole world goes on holiday, making any accommodation very expensive. This essentially means you have to leave your suitcases unpacked for now and rather wait for a more quiet time to go on holiday. You won’t be sorry as the rates will be much lower and the availability much higher.

It helps to have a friend in the right place

Now, if you have a cousin or brother who lives in Cape Town or Durban for example, you are set. If they love you, they might just offer you free accommodation in their home and you only end up paying for petrol, food and entertainment. Otherwise, you can always make a deal with them to lower the rent.

The whole key is not to spend a lot of money this December and enjoy the time with your family. If you are struggling with money problems, please contact us on fin@senatorgroup.co.za or phone us on 012 654 0107 for assistance.


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