4 Reasons why you should choose Senator Counsellors

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With a smorgasbord of debt solution companies available in South Africa, you might get overwhelmed when looking for someone to help you get rid of your debt.

From debt review to debt consolidation, there are many promises out there.  How effective are they, though? The simple answer is that each one of the recognised debt solutions is effective and can get debt collectors off your back. Why then do we need to worry who we partner with on the journey to become debt free? The main concern is never what the solution is but rather, who manages the process for you.

There are many good companies out there, but as the balance of life would have it, many are definitely not there for your benefit.

But, why should you consider placing your trust in us when it comes to your debt?

Here are a few good reasons to count on Senator Counsellors.

  1. We were instrumental in commercialising Voluntary Surrender of Estate

Senator was very active in negotiations with courts to have the effective Voluntary Surrender of Estate “commercialised” to the form it is today. Before this development, Voluntary Surrender could only be pursued by the lucky few who had a lump sum capital to their possession. Today, Voluntary Surrender can be pursued by anyone with over R60 000 worth of debt. These individuals can now pay their debt off 22c to each rand owed, interest free in set monthly instalments.

  1. We have dealt with misbehaving banks for years

It’s no secret, some banks take chances. You as a client of a certain bank have a major disadvantage in terms of lack of legal knowledge. Banks are obliged to know all laws governing their service to you and their rules in the industry. Unlucky for these dishonest individuals, so are we. Not only are we entirely clued up in terms of their governing laws and regulations but are also knowledgeable on the flip side; their clients’ rights. This means when our clients get heat from their bank or credit provider in a way that is not within the parameters of the law, we can step in and take action.

  1. We speak with confidence

Senator Counsellors prides itself in being well up to date with all laws and consumer rights pertaining to our clients’ situations. Thus, we can confidently make a prediction of the outcome of any case by merely analysing all factors. We might know of certain ways you can use to gain the upper hand in your case.

  1. We offer any effective solution thinkable

Some debt solutions are extremely effective and some could take years. Regardless, every situation is different and warrants a different approach to debt alleviation techniques. We assess each client’s individual needs and decide on an appropriate solution based on the assessment. We have many ways to skin the cat.


Contact Senator Counsellors on 012 654 0107 or send an email to fin@senatorgroup.co.za and let us show you the way out. 


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